Canteen Management System

Canteen Management System

What is CMS?

The canteen management system is a method of tracking employee breakfast, lunch, tea/coffee, dinner intake during a month.

How do the “orthodox”/ conventional systems work?

  • Manually either by giving Token or monthly Coupons to employee.
  • In the token system, the employee is given a token at the entrance or in canteen. The token is given to canteen manager, who in turns gives food plate to employee.
  • The canteen manager, after meal, counts the tokens and gives the total to HR dept.
  • In Coupon system, the employee gives his Coupon to canteen manager for meal. The employees total Coupons of the month are given to HR dept.

Drawbacks of conventional systems.

  • Redundancy of work.
  • Money spent for the printing of coupons / tokens.
  • The HR dept. has to count the tokens / Coupons which is already counted by canteen manager, thus redundancy of labour.
  • Extra manpower used.
  • An employee is engaged in distributing tokens / Coupons thus time wasted.
  • Example: If an employee is engaged just for an hour a day, he is wasting approximately 31 man-hours in a month. i.e. almost 4 working days a month.
  • Printing of Coupons to be done monthly.
  • Money spent for printing and time spent for distributing the Coupons to employees.

How Biometrics help?

  • Using Biometrics for canteen management is by far the most advanced system of employee meal intake during a month.
  • It is an automated system by which the calculations are done within seconds.


  • No extra man hours or money spent.
  • No dedicated person required for distribution of tokens / Coupons.
  • No redundancy or anomalies seen.
  • No malpractices by employee or canteen in-charge.
  • No identity of employees required.