Contract Labour Management System

Contract Labour Management System

What is CLMS?

CLMS is a tool to Manage Contract Labour at single or multiple sites, It is a combination of Biometric devices, Attendance Management, Payroll Software, Contractor Billing and various compliances

How does it HELP organizations?

  • Reduction in administrative time for entry/exit of contract labour.
  • Real time monitoring of headcount.
  • Ensures all statutory compliance are followed by the contractor.
  • Real time monitoring of policy parameters.
  • Elimination of hard copy documents.
  • Minimum manual intervention.
  • Sanitation of all records.
  • Tracking of Over-Time on Real-time basis.
  • Accuracy of bills and transactions.
  • Ability to go cashless.


  • On a manpower of 500 daily 20 minutes entry time saved.
  • Human factors / understandings are neutralized.
  • As against manual entry, accuracy in contract labour attendance.
  • 100% compliance to company’s policy ensured.
  • Real time display of department wise headcount.
  • On expiry of license / WC auto alert generated.
  • Our Experience has been that at most sites, after implementation of CLMS, labour bills have reduced by 5 to 8 %.

Indirect Savings by implementing CLMS

Entry / Exit Time: Average minimum time saved is 46 minutes on an average manpower of 500.

Undetected Errors: Old mistakes detected post implementation.

Incorrect Entries: Minimum 70 Hours saved towards wrong or incomplete entries.

Willful Errors: Capturing willful and undetected errors have accrued in savings up-to 8% of Labour bill.

Processes in CLMS

  • Contractors are registered in the CLMS.
  • Labour License, WC/ESI policy, PF, PAN and Aadhar of contractor is uploaded in the system.
  • Approved contractors get individual logins in the system.
  • Parameters loaded as per company’s policy (daily wage, shift, week off., OT).
  • Contractor registers his workers in the system.
  • Workers documents are uploaded in the system (Aadhar, bank account, PAN)
  • Face reading/biometric devices installed marks attendance of all approved workers.
  • Shift, week off., OT parameters disallow non complying attendance at entry time.
  • Online display of headcount.
  • Auto generated daily reports of Manpower.
  • Auto Attendance, wage registers, salary slips and contractor’s bills.
  • Salary transfer sheet auto generated in un-editable file and sent to bank for salary transfer.
  • Full and Final settlements.
  • PF, ESI, Contract Labour statutory returns auto generated.