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N-Ultra Face

N-Ultra Face

N-Ultra Face

N – UltraFace is a device that gives a tremendous performance even in strong sunlight. We have solved the problem of face detection under high luminous intensity. It can be set up on tabletop as well as due to its face acceptance technology it will give the best face acceptance result in an open area where light is reflecting strong like airports, security gates, corridors, schools etc.

This is a device gives the best impact with its ultra-power face acceptance feature and inbuilt features to resolve Clients all requirements regarding attendance generation as well as management. N-UltraFace device is featuring with high-quality LCD with a 2.8” TFT colour screen, addition to its incredible features, N-Ultraface is embedded with a high-class CPU for a top-notch lag-free user interface. It adapts to the current usage of its user and provides quick responses delivering astonishing performance.

N-Ultraface delivers flexibility in communication too – the powerful trio of Wi-Fi Connectivity, LAN connectivity for communication with the software and also USB connectivity. Whereas for remote areas or need to use GPRS it gives 4G connectivity as a seamless connectivity medium. If there is no internet or broadband connection and client can import using USB function as per requirements.

Marvellous Autofocus camera, the barrier to strong open sunlight has been diminished by this model. Our very own advanced Fingerprint Sensor is specially built for verifying ink, mehndi or any colour, even rough, dry fingers too. The height requires to set up the UltraFace device is 44inch maximum and it will capture the face from 2 to 4 ft. amidst a high luminous area. Ultrafast hands out the power enough to manage the attendance while the electricity is gone. Supports both internal as well as an external source of battery. The device has inbuilt options to create Departments & shifts and Companies for employees which fulfil direct report generation to clients if there is no software setup possible. Lock your Premises, Use it as Access Control to permit the entry and exit of the room. Its Door access control management system gives clients choices of relay output as Door & Bell to manage timings of lock delay.


  • Face Capacity: 3000
  • Finger Capacity: 30,000
  • Card Capacity: 3000
  • Max. User: 3000
  • Log Capacity: 2,00,000
  • LUX: 60,000
  • Processor: 1GHz < 500 mA
  • WIFI, TCP/IP, USB: Yes

  • Push Data: Yes

  • LCD: 2.8’’ TFT color screen

  • Voice instruction: 16-bit Hi-Fi voice & sound indication

  • Language: English

  • FAR: 0.00001%

  • FRR: 0.001%

  • Sensor type: 500 DPI

  • Identification Mode: Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

  • Wiegand input/output: Yes

  • Relay: Yes

  • GPRS: Optional

  • Operating Temperature: 0°c ~ 50°c

  • Power: 12V DC / 2A

  • Dimension (L*H*W): 225 x 120 x 100 mm