Time & Attendance

Secure Time Pro is the most advanced Time Management Software. It is extremely fast and very easy to use.

Exclusive Features

Secure Time Pro is a Multi-Company, Multi-Location and a Multi-User system.

Real Time web based application – The application is totally online i.e., if any employee punches on the device, Secure Time Pro immediately captures and stores the punch data in the database within 2 seconds, irrespective of the device’s geographical location.

Access data from anywhere. Browser based software, so application can be run from any location (within the company’s network) by any employee to check hir / her attendance data.

Multiple security levels- Access rights are given to each user. Highly Secured Database.

Online Leave Management System

As the system is totally parameterized, ‘n’ number of leaves can be created like Privilege Leave, Casual Leave, Sick Leave, etc.
Employees can apply leave from any location using a web browser. An email is sent to his/her immediate Supervisor / Head of Department for approval. Whether the leave is granted or not, the employee is notified via email.
Any user can view his / her attendance details online from any location (provided rights are assigned to that particular user).


Easy and user-friendly interface: The software has an absolutely unique open-ended interface to facilitate easy and quick access to all the data. No more difficult navigation.
User to feed minimum basic data i.e., hassle free data entry.
Human intervention required only to clear missing punches.
Wizard based Leave Register generation.
Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization.

Automated System

The application downloads the attendance (punch) data automatically from device to database and clears the device memory (user defined settings). User intervention not required to download / capture data / clear device memory.
Automated database backup – System backs-ups database on hourly / daily / weekly / monthly basis.
Download / backup fingerprint templates at regular intervals. Disaster Recovery – Provision to automatically backup system at any remote location from where data can be easily recovered.

Compatible with any ERP / Payroll System / Attendance Recording Device

100% compatible with any ERP System. SAP files generated automatically as per defined scheduled.
This application also generates data that can be used directly by any payroll systems.
It is virtually capable of integrating any kind or make of attendance recording devices like optical card based reader, magnetic readers, barcode, rfid readers, biometric fingerprint attendance recorders , Retina & Iris scanners, Hand geometry, etc. Combination of various devices can be integrated to run with the software flawlessly.

Maintain Employee Profile

The application has the provision for storing more than 250 pieces of information for each employee including the photographs.

Highly Scalable

Secure Time Pro can be integrated with PayGURU to work as a single point HRM Software.

Easy Reports

Covers all Goverment reports.
Powerful & Flexible Reporting Capabilities. Personalized Report Printing. Draft more printing Option.
Facility for Graphical Presentation of data for statistical analysis.
System can send customized reports to individual departments / employees automatically periodically.
Facility to send email / fax / print / export data/report to any location.
Data Export to any required format like text, excel, word, acrobat reader, odbc, html, etc.