Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Contact and Visitor Management

Collect visitor information like Name, Company, Address, Photo, phone, mobile nos., nos. of persons, fingerprints,  Purpose of visit, Person & Department visited, etc. Details like Car no. and make, Date – Time of visit. Date – Time of leaving Instruments carried. eg. like Mobile, cigarettes, matches, laptops, cd, HDD, etc. being submitted at gate Planned and Unplanned meetings will be managed Capture Image and allow Gate Pass Printing

Asset Manager

Record keeping of Instruments or equipment issued eg. Like a helmet, gloves, safety shoes, etc.

Scheduler – Integration with PayGURU Portal – Optional Feature

  • Fix schedule / meetings / appointments. Specific Instructions can be sent via email / sms.
  • Enter the date / time with whom meeting is fixed.
  • Enter Details of Company or Person who is likely to visit.
  • Can Re-schedule / Postpone / Pre-pone entire meeting.
  • Send auto message via sms if meeting is re-scheduled or cancelled. New date-time can also be given.
  • If an employee cancels all his / her appointments, auto sms will be sent to all the visitors who are likely to visit that employee.
  • Employee can also get auto mail for all meetings for the day.

Printing Solution

  • E-gate pass option can also be given. If the meeting is confirmed then visitor can get the gate pass via email / SMS. Visitor will have to provide e-gate pass details and security can directly print the pass. Specific details, list of approved material can also be mentioned in e-gate pass.
  • e-gate pass can also be issued for multiple days. Auto mail for expiry of e-gate pass can be triggered.

Mailing Solution / SMS Integration

All workflow-based mails / SMS will be scheduled at regular intervals to security, employee and visitor.

BlackListing Feature – Optional Feature

  • Blacklisting a company / person from visiting.
  • Blacklisting an employee from being visited.
  • Auto email can be sent by system to the company from which the person visited. A letter of thanks (or any kind of letter / auto responders) can be sent via email to the company.
  • A history of visits by company officials with date-time can be sent to company via email.


  • Generate list of visitors in a month.
  • Most No. of visits by same company / person.
  • Most no. of visitors entertained by an employee.
  • Security – Check history of visits by the same company / person.
  • Generate graphs to determine the no. of hours consumed by company / person for meetings / visitors, etc