Energy Monitoring System (Wind, Solar) – WINDKRAFT

Energy Monitoring System (Wind, Solar) – WINDKRAFT

WindKraft is a state-of-the-art application developed for Wind & Solar Farms. Real-time information on Wind Turbines / Solar Farms is available at any point in time. The application is useful to Wind Turbine and Solar panel manufacturers.

An admin console is available whereby farm administrators can create new farms, define new turbines, enable / disable sites / turbines and monitor data. All clients who have the dashboard software can monitor their respective farms / turbines. Various types of statistical information are made available to administrators and clients.

Clients have access to information like Current Production, Current Turbine status, Daily / Monthly / Yearly Production information, activity logs, Wind Speed, etc. Data is also provided to 3rd party agencies, Government, Wind Forecasting agencies on a real-time basis.

Application is developed on open-source technologies, clients are not required to bear the cost of operating systems like Windows Server. No License cost is applicable towards databases like Oracle / SQL Server. This application is compatible with all operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS. No requirement for any specific Operating System

The Dashboard application available to clients is web-ready and highly secured.  The application can be configured to send customized and automated reports to each client.

The application follows a modular approach. New updates/upgrades are easily patched. The database is also normalized and partitioned so as to take full advantage of available hardware.

For almost 300 turbines, a single physical industrial-grade server is required. Our application service can download data from 300 turbines within a minute. Hence the requirement of a physical server per location rarely exceeds one.

Automated backups

Database backups are automated scheduled processes. Hence no database administrators are required for this process.